Hong Kong – Soccer is, by a large margin, the most-watched sport in the world. The game also has the highest number of individuals backed on their favourite teams to score a goal, get a set piece, or win the match. Like a chain reaction, this has led to the rise of many prediction sites.

Unknown to a lot of betters, understanding the rules of the game doesn’t guarantee that they successfully predicting the game. Taking a piece of advice from Simon Inglis, who has recorded a win rate of 18.5%, to successfully predicting a game depends not only on luck but skill and accurate information. So, tipping startups have started springing up and making their marks on the industry as the sport spread like wildfire.

A lot of these sites are free, and they are run by sports fanatics who love sharing soccer tips and their opinions to supporters of the game. But the problem is that many of the tips are impracticable and ridiculous—for example, a tipster predicting that Norwich City, a team sitting at the bottom of England’s Premier League, will win the League.

Only a handful, like BetFame, provides value to its members.

BetFame is a betting tips startup that is home to the most respected tipsters in the world of soccer. The site is one of the first to transform the look of the soccer betting industry, offering complete coverage of live-odds, live-scores, and other resources that make it easier for members to win bets. This is the reason it was featured on Marketwatch.

Established in 2012, the goal of its founders was to make BetFame the world’s most outstanding tipping marketplace. However, the site fully entered the market in 2015 after resolving financial issues. Contrary to the belief many people have about betting tips sites, BetFame is not a site to bet, wager, or gamble.

Betfame Professional Tipsters

As a tip trading site, BetFame’s goal in 2013 was to recruit 300 professional tipsters for its members, an objective it has since achieved. The football fanatics are grouped into four categories: junior, senior, premium, and bundle tipsters. The class of tipsters available to a member depends on their subscription, but the top-performing ones in each category are made visible to everyone.

In 2011, Wilson Raj Perumal, a former footballer turned match-fixer, shocked the world when he revealed that he was actively involved in pulling the strings of football matches. According to him, from the bench, he was telling coaches who to field, and dictating the decisions of referees. After his arrest and conviction, a lot of attention was placed on betting tips sites. Many people believed that Perumal was the source of tips shared on such websites, which was why profit margins of betters skyrocketed during this period.

The information from BetFame’s crop of tipsters is vetted so that punters can monitor and compare live scores and odds with purchased tips. Also, all tips from tipsters cannot be revealed or edited, unlike in many other soccer betting platforms. Even though the site seeks to provide tips that are useful to its members in winning bets, BetFame has only legitimate tipsters.

The site also does not encourage, condone, or support the use of match-winning information gotten from its tipsters for illegal gambling.

Betfame Featured Tools

BetFame provides live scores, results, match previews, analysis, and predictions on 99% of matches televised for its members. The platform also has performance trackers like graphs, records tables, and statistics that its members can grasp at a glance. In its bid to provide the best user experience among other tip betting sites.

BetFame has Android and iOS apps, where all these pieces of information are displayed in a user-friendly way. This means that they can get notifications anytime a tipster submits a tip with the betting tips sites on their fingertips.

Betfame Promotions

BetFame is all in for maximum user satisfaction, which is why it offers promotions and bonuses to them. As one of the benefits of online betting, BetFame’s tipsters will point of not only where you should put your money and how much of it to stake.

One of BetFame’s promotions offers extra credits to betters. For example, by using the 50CREDIT code, BetFame members can get up to $2500 extra credits. This is a limited offer that is only available to members who make credit pack purchases. Another offer the betting site has for its members is the Saturday bonus, where members can get up to $100 discount by using SAT100 in the credit pack purchase.

Apart from its bonuses and promotions, BetFame also has free soccer tips, where first-timers and visitors can get game-winning information from junior tipsters. BetFame members are not permitted to share these tips with others so that the game’s odds don’t drop excessively.

As one of the forerunners in its industry, BetFame has the best guarantee system for betters. Unlike other sites where punters bear the loss of wrong information they are fed with, BetFame offers a 100% guarantee on the tips members get from tipsters. This means that they will get all the credits refunded in their account after purchasing a tip that makes them lose a bet.

BetFame is also strict on its privacy policies. So, even as email is used to create and activate an account, purchased tips will not be sent to the email address. Instead, they’ll only be available on the dashboard after login into the portal. The site also uses secure payment methods (Skrill and PayPal) so that the financial information of members doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

The site is a fast-moving tip-betting company, and its focus on innovation and technology has made it the premium partner for punters and soccer fanatics. The site provides fixed odds, correct scores, total goals, and Asian handicap based on pre-match, full-time or half-time results.

It is the platform that does all the hard work of tracking and collecting stats for its members, who have to sit back and enjoy the profits.
Soccer fans cannot ask for a more professional and customer-focused site in the world than BetFame.

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