Miami, FL, USA – In 2016 business entrepreneur Nicholas Smith decided to leave behind a career in Healthcare to team up with friend and now business partner David Grutman on a new venture. The plan was to open up a brand new restaurant experience in the heart of Miami’s booming Brickell neighborhood. To be named ‘Komodo’, the restaurant was to be more than just a place to eat incredible food. It was a place to relax and unwind over a drink at anyone of its 3 bars, a place to meet friends and enjoy great music, it was to be bold, uniquely artistic and place that would stimulate all the senses and leave lasting memories and the yearning to go back and do it all again.

Fast forward 4 years and Nicholas Smith can say with pride that all their goals were achieved and then some! Komodo is an amazing success story. The food on offer is nothing short of spectacular. A fusion of Southeast Asian with a South Florida vibe, the Peking Duck and Lobster Dynamite are…. well…simply dynamite!

Hosting such celebrities as Kanye West, Michael Jordan, Labron James, The Lakers, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, to name a few, Komodo has fast established itself as one of the premier and most profitable restaurants that is now listed at No. 17 in the list of highest revenue generating restaurants in the United States. No mean feat and testament to the quality of the whole dining experience that Nicholas Smith and David Grutman offer their clients.

Aesthetically beautiful and featuring artwork that includes work by renowned pop art inspired artists such as Mari Kim and Hebru Brantley, Komodo has the capacity to entertain and indulge 300 people across its multi-level dining and lounge options. The three bars come complete with a handcrafted cocktail menu as well as the signature outdoor floating “birds nests” seating for those warm balmy evenings.

Nicholas a quite spiritual view of the world and shared his favorite quote with us – What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” – by Henry Stanley Haskins.

People think this just about sums up the spirit and philosophy of Komodo. It is about the senses, what people see, hear, touch and taste and when they enter Komodo for the first time, what lies before them is an experience of a lifetime.

When Nicholas Smith is not running his restaurant, he is most likely reading a good book, working out at the Gym or on a plane travelling somewhere exotic. His entrepreneurial spirit also takes him onto the world of stock investing and real estate where he has a reputation for turning C Grade properties into A Grade properties.

Company: Komodo


Contact person: Nick Smith

Telephone: +1 305 534 2211